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We recently had an opportunity to circle a pair of wagons, the first of which appeared during a visit to local Shalestone Vineyards, where we tasted a wine labeled “Beyond Rosé.” The wine was a blend of 50% Lemberger and … Continue reading

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A Community Harvest

Keuka Lake Vineyards is one of those small operations that epitomizes the notion of a farm winery.  Mel Goldman came to being a winery owner from years of grape growing, and is committed to deciding about what he wants to … Continue reading

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Keuka Spring Vineyards August Deimel kindly invited me to hang out with him and his winemaking team for a few days of crush. In exchange for a heck of a lot of learning, I brought some baked goods from my … Continue reading

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Fruit Maturity

As reported in Cornell University’s Veraison to Harvest newsletter, September did in fact turn out to be lovely – perhaps even historically lovely in terms of reasonably warm, reasonably sunny, and dry. The result has been good ripening, a bit … Continue reading

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